Maternal Care Services


Delivery Land™ Maternity Services

Our Maternity Services include childbirth preparation courses at no cost, pre-admission services, post-partum resources, breastfeeding education, and the highest caliber of precautionary procedures to ensure the safety of new arrivals.

There is much to consider when you’re expecting and we value the trust you have placed in our caring team of professionals. Whether you are having your first baby or the next addition to your family, you and your baby are our number one priority.

Steps to being Baby Ready:

  1. Choosing a Doctor
  2. Childbirth preparation classes
  3. Breastfeeding education
  4. Pre-admission
  5. Maternity tour
  6. What to pack

Delivery Land includes:

  • Labor & Delivery Unit
  • Post-Partum Unit
  • Nursery
  • 24/7 coverage by specialists
  • Maternity preparation
  • Baby safety and infant CPR
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Childbirth and parenting education (offered at no charge)

Complimentary during your stay at Delivery Land:

  • Instructions on how to bathe, feed and care for your new baby
  • Delivery Land onesie
  • Souvenir birth certificate
  • Crib card with baby’s birth weight and length
  • Infuser water bottle
  • Delivery Land story book
  • Newborn education packet

We know pregnancy and the birthing process can be stressful and uncertain. Delivery Land’s physicians and nurses are here for all of your most important needs, questions, and concerns regarding the delivery process, caring for a newborn, and so much more.

Please visit for more information on planning, delivering, and post-partum care for you and your baby, or give us a call at (714) 754-5579.