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Medical Experts Sound Alarm As Orange County Again Hits COVID-19 Hospitalization Record

Today, we’re handling our patients and all their critical needs,” said KPC Health CEO Peter Baronoff. He said the situation could change at any time, so the hospitals has set up tents outside the hospital to deal with the volume they expect to see as cases surge. “Our ICU capacity is at about 85%,” he said. “It varies based on staffing.” While physical beds and supplies are an indicator of ICU capacity, the more important factor is having enough expert medical staff to provide around-the-clock care to COVID-19 patients. “Most hospitals have exhausted their ICU staff,” Baronoff said. “These are highly trained professionals who have been on the frontline. They’ve watched co-workers receive the virus. Many of them have had the virus and returned to work. And, we have to work with those resources that we have