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More than 10,000 people in the US have died from coronavirus. And officials say this will be the most challenging week yet– CNN

In just six weeks, the US death toll from coronavirus went from zero to more than 10,000.

That grim milestone was reached Monday, shortly after officials warned this will be the toughest week yet in the pandemic.

Michigan hospitals are three to six days away from running out of critical supplies, the governor said.

Mortuaries in New Orleans are already out of space, and the mayor said she needs help getting more refrigeration. And New York, New Jersey and Detroit will see peaks in hospitalizations and deaths this week, a US Health and Human Services assistant secretary said. But the hardest-hit state, New York, said the number of deaths is not rising as sharply as it has been.

The total death toll in New York state reached 4,758 on Monday, up from 4,159 on Sunday. “While none of this is good news, the flattening — possible flattening of the curve — is better than the increases that we have seen,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.